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Georgia Seafood On My Mind is an initiative produced by the University of Georgia Marine Extension and Sea Grant to highlight notable local seafood eateries along the coast of Georgia.


Our brand originated when a senior lecturer from UGA’s New Media Institute and the director of UGA’s entrepreneurship program won the “What’s the Hook?” seafood pitch competition led by Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant, designed to generate innovative ideas to offset some of COVID-19’s impact on the state’s local seafood and tourism industries by promoting unique coastal culinary experiences. Capstone students were tasked with building a brand to do just that, creating quality content meant to be used for advertising, PR, and social media by both proprietors of the seafood businesses we feature and by the Georgia Seafood brand itself. 


This promotional content is created at little to no cost to the proprietors. Our brand is only sponsored by the UGA Marine Extension and Sea Grant; the restaurants and locations we feature do not pay us for our services or review.


We choose and seek out these establishments on our own, hoping to spotlight small businesses who offer distinctive experiences of some sort, whether that means dining outside at a marina, a bistro and bar attached to a historic hotel, or being able to witness freshly caught clams being processed and prepared from your table. We aim to spotlight a range of locales, from higher end to hidden gems, in order to inspire audiences to taste, travel, and experience what the Georgia coast has to offer.

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