Driftaway cafe

Driftaway Cafe is located in Sandfly, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Georgia, established by emancipated slaves. Restaurant owner and self-proclaimed “tuna freak” Robyn Quattlebaum is proud to serve such a rich cultural community, which was the driving force behind his creation of the eatery. 


“It’s an atmosphere where they can grab a taco and a craft beer and get in and out, or stay for a full course meal and drift away in conversation with good friends enjoying a good time.” And it’s certainly easy to drift away on the back patio; carefully placed knick knacks, lawn ornaments, flowers, fronds, and even a soothing backyard waterfall all serve to create a miniature garden oasis. For that, Robyn credits his co-owner and wife of 26 years Michele. “Together we’ve made it work. When I go too far out, she pulls me back in, and vice versa.”


He’s thankful to have had her support and the support of the community in light of the challenges presented by COVID-19. Prices of Georgia seafood have gone up, but he insists the quality is worth it. “A lot of people think shrimp is shrimp, but you’d be surprised at the better quality of the local stuff. As far as eating out, look for wild local Georgia shrimp.” 


And you should eat out; it’s the best way to help restaurateurs like Robyn! If you’re in the Savannah area and hoping for some great seafood, consider stopping by Driftaway Cafe for crowd favorites like the tuna tartare and firecracker shrimp tacos.