Fish Tales

Family-oriented Fish Tales is located at Fort McAllister Marina, allowing for a scenic view while dining, a feature that locals keep coming back without fail. “We serve our local community, and we see most of our guests anywhere from four to seven times a week,” says general manager Colin Russell. “We’ve had a lot of impacts from weather in the past five years- hurricanes, floods, and stuff, and whenever we experience those, this community comes out and supports us and has pretty much helped us put this building back together every single time.”


And it’s no mystery why locals are so loyal to Fish Tales. “We’re bringing it in right off the coast here and sourcing it ourselves. Our customers will tell you the difference between our seafood and seafood that’s north and south of here: you can taste how fresh it is, how sweet our shrimp is, bigger size.”


Also bringing the community together are the numerous events hosted by Fish Tales, like the kid’s crab tournament, allowing kids to catch their own crabs and learn how to properly clean and prepare them. “And then we have a kingfish coming up, and it attracts a lot of people. Thursday’s we have live music come out, which is a big attraction in the summertime,” says bar and front of house manager Casey Rigdon. “I hope people come here and can just feel relaxed.” 


If you want to relax at this community favorite, try out the shrimp roll or fried seafood basket!