Sunbury Crab Co.

 Sunbury Crab Company opened in 2004, but the materials used to construct the building range from 175 year old wood to wood from the ceiling of a shoe store once run by owner Elaine Maley’s father. This emphasis on family is a defining characteristic of Sunbury Crab Company, as Elaine runs the restaurant with her husband and two sons, each of them doing a little bit of everything, helping out wherever they’re presently needed. Truly a family affair, Elaine’s four grandchildren can often be seen around the restaurant as well.


Her husband’s mother also left her mark on the french fries; “she’s from Brussels, Belgium, so she came to make sure we were doing them right when we opened the restaurant.” Other notable menu items include scored flounder, ribeye steak, fresh daily caught blue crab, as well as locally gathered oysters and shrimp. 


What’s the difference with local Georgia seafood? “We have a lot of people that travel here just to get it out of the river and bring it to us to clean and serve it. I think that’s a pretty big deal.” Customers can arrive by land or sea, as Sunbury Crab Company has a scenic marina outback. Either way, you should come and give them a visit!