The Fish Dock

If you want the freshest clams around, the distance between farm and table could not be shorter at The Fish Dock. Owner Charlie Phillips harvests his clams daily from his own clam farm, Sapelo Sea Farms, right out back on the Sapelo River. “We have access to fresh clams all the time. We need oysters? We go out and pick what we need when we need it.” As the largest clam farming operation in the state, Sapelo Sea Farms has the opportunity to work on other shellfish aquaculture species with The University of Georgia Marine Extension and the Department of Natural Resources, with the objective of producing healthy, sustainably, and scrumptious seafood for everyone. “We do local and sustainable as much as possible. We’re in a really good place, and if we pay attention and don’t take it for granted, we can stay and have sustainable seafood for a long time.” 


The Fish Dock is not only a treat for the tastebuds, but a treat for the eyes as well; you can watch them process the freshly caught clams through a big glass window, or you can overlook the picturesque Sapelo River and the dock where a scene from Gemini Man was filmed, all while eating garlic butter clams and some of the best hush puppies in the south. It’s a bit of a hidden gem; “we’re 25 miles from the closest red light, I don’t care which way you go,” says Charlie. But the quirky decor, charming staff, captivating view, and absolutely delectable food is 100% worth driving down!