Georgia Sea Grill

You can find some truly next-level seafood at Georgia Sea Grill in St. Simon’s. Owner Zack Gowen describes the place as “fine casual, nothing pretentious. Just solid food, solid service.” Solid food indeed; Georgia Sea Grill specializes in locally sourced ingredients, using two of their own farms to source organic produce and organically fed catfish. Chef Timothy Lensch says getting food so close to his own backyard just feels right. “Seeing the longevity, the quality, the freshness- everything about it made it more appealing to go after.” And that community feel is certainly palpable within the restaurant, as loyal customers continue to flock, waiting outside the doors until opening time.


“Being born and raised here makes a difference,” Gowen says, speaking on his passion for providing the community with a superb dining experience. “We do not rush folks. We want our guests to relax and have a good time.” The same goes for his soon-to-be opened dining location right down the street, named Three Little Birds, after his three daughters. “The idea is you can grab a cooler, grab a sandwich, grab a six pack of beer, and go chill out on the porch.”

If you’re in the area and interested in checking out some locally sourced fine dining, Chef Timothy recommends coming in for a Georgia Sea Grill staple- the bronzed fresh catch, heavy seared on one side and served over Hoppin’ John’s tomato cream and pickled okra.